Emergency Guide

☎️ Get in contact with a trusted person as soon as possible.

If you feel that there’s a possibility that you’ve been drugged the best thing is to find a trustful person. They will be able to look after you in case you end up passing out or needing an ambulance, and they will prevent you from getting injured or taken advantage of by your drugger.

💧 Drink water.

Drinking water allows your body to get the drugs out of your system quicker, you’ll need to stay hydrated since as the drug is absorbed your body will start dehydrating. Make sure you get water from a trustful person/source.

🕐 Note down the time.

Noting down the time that you started feeling the symptoms can help professionals determine when exactly you took the drugs. Try sending yourself a text message so the time is saved with it.

👭 Stay in trustful company.

When you are inhibited by drugs your behavior changes and your self awareness becomes blurry. Make sure you get someone to watch over you and don’t go anywhere by yourself. Do not trust anyone besides your trusted company, if someone drugged you they are most likely waiting for the drugs to take effect before they try to make their move on you.

🚑 Dial the emergency line and get medical help immediately / Go to a hospital.

You can not wait for the effects of drugs to wear off, since you know nothing about which kind you were given, how much, their side effects, nature and if you might be allergic to them. You are as well at risk to have been overdosed. Tests will be done to determine the drugs you took and medical professionals will monitor your health from then on.

🔎 Report the event to the authorities. 

After recovering you need to contact competent authorities to investigate your case, since they can find out who drugged you. They can access video footage, talk to personnel/people where and when the incident took place.

🎉 Contact management from the place of the event (if applicable).

It’s imperative to let management know about the situation. Besides protecting someone else from being drugged in the future, they can help further in the search for the responsible.

🛏 Recover slowly and safely.

It’s important to take time to get better both physically and mentally. Medical professionals are able to give you a paper that you can show at work/school to take a break for some days. Do not self medicate, if there are side effects contact your doctor immediately. Talking to a psychologist is also suggested, since this experience can cause trauma.