Main Symptoms of Drugging

– muscle laxity

– possible vomiting

– possible seizures

– decreased body temperature

– headache

– slow breathing

– unrelated call

– slow pulse                            

– loss of consciousness

– lethargic

– drowsiness

– euphoria

– sexual arousal

Dose Sizes and Effects

Smaller amount: Produces the effects of a few alcoholic drinks, relaxation and drowsiness.

Medium amount: Stronger imbalances occur, speech becomes unintelligible, raises mood.

Large amount: Euphoria occurs, but the heart gets sick.

Overdose (the border with a large amount is very delicate): Vomiting, loss of consciousness and deep sleep that can last up to 4 hours.

Poisoning: Convulsions, vomiting, convulsions. Fixed pupils. The person is no longer responsive.

If you think you or someone else has gotten drugged:

☎️ Quickly find / contact a friend you trust and get home safely.

🕐 Track your symptoms and times. This may help you later if you want to contact the police.

🚑 If symptoms worsen, call an ambulance immediately!

🧪 A urine sample must be given as soon as possible (GHB stays in the urine for the longest time, up to 12 hours) and a report must be made to the police.


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