About Last Night

Drink spiking is an issue that many people face in today’s society. These people are real. Everybody knows someone that has been drugged or has experienced something related to it. These stories might give some insight what the victims go through. A short film is a great way to show our audience a real possible situation. The goal of this film is to be as raw as possible and demonstrate how one could get drugged and how this situation could go on.

Victims’ Experiences

Sofia, 20

I have seen people who have already been drugged several times. The most common symptoms were inappropriate behaviour, nosebleeds, pupils that did not respond to light, as well as weakness in legs and fainting.

Once a girl came to me and said that she felt bad. I immediately checked her pupils and they hardly reacted to the light. In such cases, I always take the person to the hospital and if the victim agreed, called the police to start the proceedings. The consequences were more psychological than physical. Fear that there was always a chance that it could happen again. They were afraid to communicate with guys and began to think more about their safety.

People need to remember that there is also psychological violence. There was a case when a girl was invited after a club to a house party, where there were only guys. There was no violent action, however, she received a lot of emotional trauma. It turned out that she was taken to a house where several guys were participating in sexual activities and invited her to watch it. She was afraid to say no because she might get an aggressive reaction. In the end, she was even offered money for it.

There was also a case when a minor girl went to a nightclub and met a guy there. They had fun, after which she woke up on the road in the old town, realizing that she was not only raped, but also beaten and with different items inside her. Two months passed and she went to a psychologist, but in the end she could not cope with the mental load and hanged herself.

My advice to people who are just starting to go to parties and clubs is that they should understand that everyone’s body reacts differently to alcohol and drugs. Do not be naive and do not be tempted. Never accept anything from a stranger. Always tell your loved ones where and with whom you are going. Turn on live location and share it with your loved ones. Also, do not be afraid to go to the police.

Markus, 26

This situation happened in Riga. I was 24 years old. I got into a money making scheme. Me and two of my friends walked around the city and “accidentally” met a few girls. They offered to go to one bar and when we arrived, more people joined us. Those girls suggested buying expensive drinks and hookah, but when they realised that it would not work, they decided to go somewhere else. As a result, they separated us and we ended up in different bars. I ordered some drinks and I suppose that it was the barmen who drugged me. I know how drugs work and I realized what was happening right away. Everything began to darken and blurred before my eyes. I quickly left there and when I checked my wallet, I saw that it was empty.

Despite the fact that it was in Riga I’ve heard about these things happening in Tallinn.

I stopped going to clubs and bars too much. I advise you to always be careful and attentive. Do not trust new people at parties and do not drink anything that is left unattended.