What is drugging?

Drugging (or drink spiking) can be malicious with the intent to hurt the victim through injury, unsafe sex, robbery, or sexual assault. Some people also spike people’s drinks for fun as foolish jokes. Drugging occurs when alcohol and/or other drugs are placed in a person’s drink without their knowledge. It can happen to any drink and the method may include:

🫗 Adding alcohol to alcohol-free drinks

🫗 Adding extra amounts of alcohol to alcoholic drinks

🫗 Adding ‘date rape’, illegal or prescription drugs into any drink

Did you know?

1 in 9 women and 1 in 17 men in the UK said they have been the victim of drink spiking.

35% of incidents occurred at private parties.

Look Out For Yourself

Most of us know somebody who has been drugged. Thankfully, most cases of drink spiking don’t end tragically… but they can: rape, robbery or even death are all reported outcomes, so the consequences can be utterly devastating. To stay safe keep in mind:

❌ Don’t go out drinking alone.

🍸 Never leave your drinks unattended.

✋ Don’t accept drinks from strangers.

👦🏻 Get your drink directly from the bartender.

📍Don’t share your number or address to someone you’ve just met.

📷 Avoid taking expensive equipment with you that could be a target for thieves.

🏠 Make plans for your journey home.

💬 Let someone know where you’re going and what time you expect to be home.

🎉 Remember, drugging can also happen at private parties, not only clubs and bars.

Learn more how to:

Know The Symptoms

The signs that something has been put in someone’s drink vary and can be difficult to spot, but symptoms can include:

❗️ muscle laxity

❗️ headache

❗️ slow breathing

❗️ slow pulse

❗️ decreased body temperature

❗️ possible vomiting

❗️ loss of consciousness

❗️ drowsiness

🚨 Emergency Contacts 🚨

National Emergency Number: 112

Poison Information Center hotline: 16 662

Victim Support hotline: 116 006

Estonian Forensic Science Institute: 663 6600

The Family Physician Advisory Line: +372 6346 630

Urgent Psychological Help: 126 or 6 314 300

Drugging happens to real people.

“They had fun, after which she woke up on the road in the old town, realizing that she was not only raped, but also beaten and with different items inside her.”

“…everyone’s body reacts differently…”

“Do not be naive and do not be tempted.”

“I got into a dark money making scheme…”

“Everything began to darken and blurred before my eyes.”

“…when I checked my wallet, I saw that it was empty.”

 “I advise you to always be careful and attentive.”

Don’t forget to check the emergency guide before going out for basic safety measures and tips:

Our Mission

Often victims won’t report drink spiking incidents because they are worried people won’t believe them, or they think they will be blamed for what happened – especially if they were already drinking or taking drugs. But, if someone’s drink has been spiked, it’s a crime, regardless of what they were doing at that time.

Drink spiking incidents have always been very under-reported and there are no reliable safety measures or statistics recorded in Estonia. Therefore, it is extremely important to raise drugging related awareness in our society and look out for each other for us to stay safe.

Learn more about the mission and project here.